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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gone So Long

I have been gone from this blog world so long!  That means I've been too busy!!  Sole Hope has kept me on my toes.  We have had deadline after deadline to meet...lots of things happening.  We are looking to hire an Executive Assistant to help keep up with the work load.

I've written a hundred blogs in my head...but none of them have made it to this site.  Our family is preparing with Shannon and Sherri McCready, two most respected individuals I know, to move our families (the Collies and Scullys) to Africa.  It is not looking like this will happen as soon as we thought-but that is OK.  We want to be well prepared.  In July we will be going to Indiana to meet with a team of people who will help prepare us physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally and teach us how to raise financial support for our family.  I am excited we get to see my sister and our close friends while we are there...although I've been prepared for lots of work, little play!  :)

I forgot to post this a few Friday's ago:

The last Sole Hope DOCICA...

I've started Crossfit too.  It is brutal.  Its like boot camp twice a week.  And I LOVE it!  I am so much stronger than I was even a month ago and I just feel better overall.  I really want to do the US Marine Corp Mud Run or something similar...competitive.  We will see...
One of the things we have been discussing in our meetings with Shannon and Sherri are making our life's priorities happen.  For me taking care of myself (eating well and exercising) are number two on my list.  It is amazing how just taking care of myself does wonders for my mood, health and productivity.  

My Asa man is still a it!  

I took this with my phone really quick...totally Quinn and Asa's personalities!  

For now.... 

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  1. LOVE IT!!! I too agree, taking care of one's health should be a priority in life - outside of the obvious, so much good comes from this focus. Way to go!!! I can't wait to hear more specifics about your next step in life ... hugs-