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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stories By Quinn

This is a story told verbatim by our 5-year-old, Quinn.  She is quite'll see.  :)  If I could draw I'd illustrate this...

The first animal has two arms, no legs, and for a head he has a tater-pumpkin. His name is Jose. He has extra arms that look like legs and they go up and around his head. He scratches his pumpkin head with those extra arms that look like legs.

Another guy has an egg for a body, and he has one magnet bracelet, one glasses, and one circle for a mouth. He has claws for teeth that stick out of his mouth. He has two eggs for arms.

The third guy has three light bulbs on his pumpkin head. He has one apple for an arm. His legs have hands at the bottom and he walks like crazy. He has one plate for his arm-leg.

The next one is a princess who has long teeth that stick out the sides of her mouth. She has one flower for an arm and one flower for her head. And she has a tree on her head for balance.

These are the funniest stories in the whole wide world. Even jokes are not funny.

The next one has a flower for a head. The body is a vase. And the dress is so long it covers the vase.

Another character is one parakeet with one snap arm. She’s a big bird with one red head and a blue head, one arm that is red and one arm blue. She is a queen princess. -- Her name is Sasha.

King Lesahd looks like a big jacket with a purple crown on his head.

The queen has one head that’s a potato and she has buttons down her back.  

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  1. LOVE her creativity - an author, artist, actress, screen writer, director - the skies the limit - and is in the making!! How blessed to be with her daily. ENJOY!!!