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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Identity is a complex and always evolving personal conception and expression of oneself.  I've thought more than once or twice about my children's identity.  I want them to know who they are despite the labels that others may put on them as they grow up.  I want them to know where they come from and take pride in it, but not let that take over their identity.  I know I am Swedish.  I've been to the town my family comes from in Sweden and take pride in and love the cultural art, food, holidays and dress...but ultimately I'm just Asher...heaven is my home and I don't want to get too caught up in my racial identity.  
I've thought about this topic especially a lot since I will have a child from Africa.  There is a certain culture here in America that a lot (I know, not all) African-Americans embrace.  I'm not referring to lower, middle or upper class...but to things like rhythm, friend chicken and whatnot. (Of course there is MUCH more African-American culture than just fried friend Jazz just popped into my head and chicken is where I went) :) Our child will be first African, then African-American but will live in a white American family who descended from Europe.  What does this look like on a day to day basis?  Despite the fact that we are white-we happen to love us some rhythm...oh, and fried chicken.  :)  I want to make sure we immerse our child in the African-American culture here in the U.S.  I want him/her to LOVE that they came from Africa and be proud of it.  The African culture WILL be part of our family identity.  I am SO ready...

All this to say-we are already trying to incorporate the African-American culture into our family.  Today I took the kids downtown to the Goombay Festival.  Goombay emerged during slavery days in Bermuda. (Granted its not Africa but...) Both music and rhythm were brought form Africa and West Indies.  Quinn and Asa thoroughly enjoyed the music and dancers and were asking for "MORE!" when it was all over.  Hopefully next year we can take our new babe to this cultural experience.  I'm sure we will get many stares down the road...our family will look different.  Bring it on!  I don't even care-in fact, I LOVE it.  But, I want to teach my children to be proud of the fact that we are different.  Who wants to be like everyone else anyway?  Not me!  I want them to find their identity in Christ and know that their self worth and value comes from Him...not the color of their skin or the country they descended from.  

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