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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Korah Dump

This is Ethiopia.  People with struggles, hopes, dreams, desires and needs live here-in this dump.  This is real.  Be aware.  It bothers me when I here people who disapprove of our adopting from Ethiopia when their reason is this, "...but there are poor here.  There are children here who need adopted.  There are orphans in America."  Yes!  That is true.  And I know that there are people who are called to adopt from America.  There are more parents that want to adopt infants from America than there are infants that need adopted.  After speaking to a family therapist and reading multiple books on birth order we feel it is important to adopt a child that is younger than Asa.  One day we would LOVE to adopt older children but this is where we are right now.  We tried for two years to adopt from the foster care system and it didn't work out. (I'll spare you the details of why) BUT-the poor here are rich compared to those is Ethiopia.  We are blessed as Americans to have women's shelters, food banks, churches that help the homeless, Medicare, Medicaid, foster care, food stamps...I could go on.  I will never stop fighting for those in my home country.  Those here in America that need help.  Our family wants to be there to help and to lend a hand, to lend a room in our buy those that are hungry groceries.  Our family does  help in this way and will never stop.  I love that there are so many people in America that care and have that hand extended out to those in need right here in our home town!
My heart also beats for those half a world away who experience poverty like we will never know.  I am burdened by knowing there are mothers in some third world countries who can't keep their child that they love and have carried for nine months in their womb because they don't have enough food.
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