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Monday, November 1, 2010

Dossier SENT & Halloween

(Above: The kids at the Post Office with our dossier packet)

Our dossier (AKA- LOTS of paperwork telling the Ethiopian government all about us) has been sent to our adoption agency today!  What a whole lot of paper work!  I am praying none of it will come back as needing to be redone.
Asa was very sad as we drove home.  He sat in the back seat crying, "But I wanna go get our baby from Affriiica at the post office!"  I had to explain that we just mailed the paperwork from the post office, that's not where we will get our baby(s).

So now what do we do?  We wait.  We pray. And we wait some more.  I'm not sure exactly what we are waiting for.  :)  I think for our agency to call and give us an update on when our dossier is sent to Ethiopia, or if we need to make some changes.  I'm praying I didn't miss something!

As far as Halloween last night, Quinn was Cinderella.  My friend made her a custom Cinderella dress, just because she loves her.  How sweet is that!?  Asa wanted to be a pirate, but we are on a budget so we had to go with something we had...a Starbucks Barista uniform.  ;)  Normally I would just make him a costume but I've been too busy sewing shoes.  So, I thought the Barista idea might be kinda fun-maybe he'd like looking like his hero, daddy.  So, Quinn got dressed in her Cinderella dress and I did her hair and let her wear make up.
Then, well, then it was Asa's turn.  He threw himself on the ground saying he wanted to be a cow!  A COW??!!  All this time he's been saying a pirate.  I was prepared to let him wear an eye patch and a Starbucks apron.  But nope, he wanted to be a cow.  After about 30 minutes of me explaining that he can either look like daddy, or be a chicken (his costume from last year).  He didn't want to be a chicken which I was thankful for.  (It would be super small on him.)  Finally I got him dressed and the only way we smoothed things over was I pined a Batman pin on his hat.
I have a lack of pictures because I just wasn't feeling it.  Cranky kids-didn't know who we would be trick-or-treating with or where we were going for that matter.  (You can't go in our neighborhood)  I won't finish the rest of the story because it was kind of gross and depressing.   We'll just leave it at, my kids looked adorable.  :)
Off to bed!  I have a board meeting for Sole Hope tomorrow morning.  I cannot even tell you, (but sometime I will try to explain) how much I love the board of Sole Hope.  They give me so support and encouragement!!  


  1. I'm not a fan of Halloween, not even when I was a kid. I was one of those kids that never could make up my mind on a costume, and it totally stressed me out and took the fun out the event. Plus I have a low tolerance for gross and scary. So, Halloween has never been my kinda holiday. =) Sorry yours was not what you had expected or wanted. BUT YAY for mailing the Dossier!!!

  2. Congrats on your dossier is on its way! Cannot wait for the day that I am able to post ours is on its way to Ethiopia!!

    I started a fundraising blog, stop by when you get a chance and become a follower. We're having our first fundraiser give~away on the blog. The proceeds will help not only our adoption fund but another family, the Young's. I feel the Lord leading me to pay it forward as I fundraise for our adoption.


  3. What a good idea to start that blog! I'll go check it out right now.

    No, Halloween has never been my thing. And I grew up in a home where when a child came to our home and saw my moms cute little halloween wind sock and and started crying, my mom threw the thing in the trash. Needless to say, I do Halloween only for my kids excitement...all though this year was different. :)