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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sick & Tired of Being...Sick & Tired

You know that kind of sickness that just sucks the wind right out of your sail?  You can hardly stand up to talk two feet?  Your body hurts so bad you can't lift your phone?  That's been me the past couple of days.  But, I am happy to report I am feeling much better today-not better, just not feeling dead anymore.  My head is still in a fog so I apologize ahead of time for the clarity of this post.

I got an email update from our agency today.  It suggested that we have about another SIX month wait for a referral of a child.  I knew that was coming but it still boggles my mind when I think about waiting SIX more months just to find out who our child is.  What is even harder to think about is the fact that if our child is more than six months old at the time of the referral (which we are guessing will be the case) then he/she has already blessed this world with their presence.  Can you imagine your child being born and being on the other side of the world just waiting for you?  Thankfully I know who my baby-daddy is. :)  No, not Drew, not his/her bio father, but GOD.  Our child's creator...HE knows where our baby is and HE will watch over and protect our child.  For now I will just wait, so eager to get THE call.
In the mean time I'll fill my time with the precious family I have.  Here are some pictures from our last hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  

Drew hiking, the kids catching a ride.  They know their daddy will do ANYTHING for them!  Include carry them up a mountain. (Yes, he really hiked like this...for at least a good mile)  
And, just for laughs, my princess Quinn with her prince, Jake.  :)

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