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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Begging for Myrrh

Two posts in two days!  Don't get too excited.  I don't know if I can keep this up!  :)  I did want to stop by to tell you about the awesome tradition our family has started this year.  I know this is only in time for those last minute shoppers, but maybe it can become a tradition of yours next year.

Don't mind Fuggy, Asa's baby (yes, I said ASA'S baby...that's what happens when you have an older sister) he is standing in for baby Jesus...with real hay from our rabbit!  :)
There are several different versions of this gift giving idea-but this is my favorite.  This year our family is giving three gifts per person.  Each present is either wrapped in gold, natural colored paper or white paper for a reason.  To read more about the symbolism go HERE.  I am excited about doing this for two reasons...reason #1 is I am so tired of the rate of American consumerism.  On the other hand, I find it hard like every parent to resist getting something for my child when I can just picture their excitement beforehand.  So, this year we bought with a purpose, modeled after the three gifts the three wise men brought to Jesus.  Gifts are fun to give and receive, just as long as we don't miss the reason behind why we give.
And just to top it all off, these are my favorite wise men.  I don't have very many Christmas decorations that I've had since we got married-but I remember buying these sparkly men after Drew's and my first married Christmas.  They just make me happy when I look at them.  :)
Even if you are not interested in doing the three Christmas gifts idea...check out the article above!  There is some really interested history about the reasons the wise men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh!!

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