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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Absent Blogger

...that would be me.  At one time in my life I was good at blogging, and now I think I like the idea-but am really not good at it.  It is very low on my priority list.  However I love reading blogs and I especially love the unity among the adopting group blogs.  I however am not your star blogger.  :)  I have been enjoying staying sort of un-busy this season (well, compared to previous Christmas seasons) and I have been just trying to slow down and ENJOY the snow and cold (trying to change my attitude) and just appreciate every mess I have to clean, errands I have to run and how blessed I am to be a part of something bigger than myself....which right now is adoption and Sole Hope and raising two precious children.  This is the first year since Quinn was two (she is 5 now) that we have not had children in foster care living with us.  It feels...different.  Not good or bad, just different.

I'll go all the way back to Thanksgiving!  I cannot believe I did not write about what an amazing time I had.  Despite the horribly cold and grey weather, the company was perfect-just what I needed.  Seeing some friends (I never get to see everyone I'd like!) and spending time with my sister, brother in law and nephew and my brother in laws family was just more wonderfulness than I had expected for Thanksgiving.  :)  My sister married into an AWESOME (and HUGE) family and their Thanksgivings just warm my heart.  Family and God are at the center of everything and I was so happy I could be a part of their family that day!  I spent last Thanksgiving with them also and every time they are just SO welcoming, warm hearted and loving!
(Josiah and Asa eating Allie's Thanksgiving breakfast and watching the Macy's Day Parade)

Another bonus was getting to see my nephew who I only get to see a couple times a year.  He was super shy at first and wanted to have nothing to do with me.  Ugh, I HATED that he wouldn't let me play with him or hold him so I was thrilled when my sister asked me to babysit one day while they went to look at homes.  (Oh yeah, and they were trying to buy a home while we were there)  When Josiah (my nephew) got up from nap he was a little hesitant to let me get him out of his crib but once he saw there was no one else there but good ol' ME he attached to me like a leach.  My time from then until I went home was precious with him.  The only draw back is now I miss my Indy family like CRAZY!
Josiah and I did THIS for about 45 minutes!!!

The day after we came home from Indiana, (just the kids and I) the whole family took a trip to Charlotte to get fingerprinted for the adoption!  Drew prayed on the way there that we would have all the paperwork we needed and that it would be "easy".  I'd say our prayer was answered as we walked in and NO ONE except the people working were there.  We found out on the way to Charlotte we were not supposed to bring children because of limited room in the waiting room and so we were nervous about having them with us.  BUT, since there was not one person there we got in and out WITH our kids in about 15 minutes!  We got a letter in the mail saying our fingerprints were APPROVED and they will expire in 2012....boy I hope we have a child before 2012!!!  Since we had some extra time we stopped by Ikea to get some basics for the school room and on our way out I just had to take a picture of the flags that were flying in the parking lot.  Tribute to my roots and my home.  :)  North Carolina, Sweden and America.

A couple weeks after we got back from Charlotte we drove to Boone, NC for the "Collie Christmas".  I was so sad it was cut short because of the impending snow storm.  My in laws live on top of a mountain and icy/snow mix + driving = DANGER so the family only got to stay together for one day.  Needless to say, we had a great time together and had so much fun!  The kids were happy to see their cousins and the food and company was awesome!  We took Quinn and Asa out sledding in the yard on the left over snow from the previous snow storm.  They LOVED it!!
Asa got a DVD from his CC that sings his name during the songs.  He LOVES watching it!  :)

Quinn and her Uncle Steve (Drew's middle brother) and her only girl cousin, Sydney!

Aunt Netta got Quinn lip gloss-here she is putting her gloss on by the Collie collie.

The view from my in laws back porch.  Beautiful!

Quinn and Asa's first time sledding.  They are now waiting patiently for our next big snow!

Asa won't keep his gloves on!!  Any suggestions!?!

And this picture just makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.  Our dog Jake came running down the hill as fast as his short little legs would carry him until he started doing a snow plow with his face!  If it wasn't already flat it would be now!  ;)
CC hand made this sock monkey for Asa!  How sweet and CUTE!!

The first year he "gets" opening presents.  He was so fun to watch.

Lastly, I am so excited I get to be part of an AMAZING adoptive mom's retreat in February!  I am really looking forward to this experience and I feel like I need this now, so I really will need it in February!  It is emotionally exhausting waiting for your child, the unexpected, the paperwork.  Would you like to buy one of the super sweet shirts that will support this venture that is completely volunteer run!?  If so, go HERE.

I've run out of time-I was going to tell you about the neat Christmas tradition our family started this year that I am so excited about!  I will save it for next time-and hopefully next time isn't in a month.  Kidding...maybe tomorrow??  We will see... for now I think you should go buy a shirt to support adoptive moms all around the country and I need to get back to being MOM! (I already bought my shirt!) :)


  1. Loved the update, Asher! So much fun! And the pug face plant was awesome ;)

  2. Hey Asher! I have enjoyed reading your blog, I live in NC as well and we have just begun the adoption process for our daughter in Ethiopia with AGCI and I will also be at the conference!!! Cannot wait, I will be looking out for you so we can meet in person! (: bobi