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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Lord of Strangers

So this is one of those posts I have been thinking about for a long time.  Not that there is a whole lot of content to it...but I just wonder what others think about a topic I think is pretty important.
 A word I like to put action to.  I love to have people over, let people use my stuff and make people feel comfortable and welcome.  I've been the recipient of others who have been hospitable towards me the past few months and every time it gets me thinking about hospitality.  I think hospitality is important.  Why though?  It got me thinking...WHY is it important?  And, everyone has different ideas of what being hospitable is.  What is yours?  I really want to know...that's not a rhetorical question.  :)
Wikipedia says this about hospitality.  "The word hospitality derives from the Latin hospes, which is formed from hostis, which originally meant to have power. The meaning of "host" can be literally read as "lord of strangers." hostire means equalize or compensate."  

My mother in law is writing a book on hospitality.  I won't tell you the name because it is not out yet...and it's clever, I'd hate someone in the Internet world take it.  ;)  BUT, I can't wait to read it.  What do YOU think about hospitality?


  1. I think I'd like to read your MIL's book! Please keep me posted and I will be first .. Okay, second behind you, in line to buy.

    And great question, Asher! Embarrassed to say I don't have an answer ready. I need to think about it ... obviously I NEED to buy your MIL's book. Ha!

  2. She wrote this one last...don't know if it would have any relevance to you. :)
    It is called Abrahams is a guide to moving and change. I'll let you know when the hospitality book comes out. :)