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Monday, March 28, 2011

It Is Well...Even Now

I seemed to skate through the first 11 days home in America with only a couple graceful emotional pitfalls. Much of my time was taken up unpacking, telling African stories, being hostess to one of my favorite "guests"-my sister, or being sick...very, very sick with the flu.
Today is day 11 and I am wrecked.  I long for the community I had, the Jesus I saw, the joy that flowed from believers hearts, the simple life, the songs of praise, the humbleness I touched and absence of everything we think in America that will make us full that just robs us of experiencing true joy.
I'm tired of people saying they understand...because unless you were Holly, Patrick or Hugh I don't think you do understand exactly what I'm feeling.  In all this, it is WELL with my soul.  I know and trust that I will go back to Africa at exactly the right time.
To add to my sorrow of not being in Africa I will admit my heart is feeling very heavy over this child I feel like we have some how lost from Ethiopia.  I trust in God's sovereign plan and I want to rely on his provision. He knows my desires.
And in all this I say, "It is well, with my soul"  I don't like how much I miss Africa, but it is WELL.  I can't wait for the day I return but in the here and now, it is WELL.  Only God knows how our family will grow and he will hold my heart until I can hold another child because HE is good and faithful and no matter what comes our way, it is WELL.
{Queen and myself with the headband I made for her}

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