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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Future Part 2-Open Hands

I have no idea what the future holds.  I mean, really, I might THINK I do, but I really don't.  We can make plans-but as you see from my post, Our Future Part 1, plans sometimes just lead you to where you are going and don't always lead you to where you think you are going.

Let me year ago I was in a very different place emotionally.  I was coming out of some hard times and Sole Hope was a gift to my soul that really changed who I am at my core.  I have seen the greatness of God revealed and have seen how much better life is if I surrender.  The love of God has manifested itself in my life and flipped my world upside down!  Even though I've been a Christian all my life, I have had my doubts, fears and the like.  You have to get to that point in your life where you question all the nity-gritty of what you believe.  One thing I struggled with was God's love.  Sometimes I just didn't get it.  Sometimes I didn't feel it.  I wrestled with what his pure love-stronger than any love I've ever experienced- perfect love...what does it look like?!  Long story short, I've been large part due to the side effects of Sole Hope.  My children's eyes have been opened to the needs of their neighbor on the other side of the world.  Our view of what is important has been changed, drastically.  I had to examine my heart...and inside I found fear.  Fear that if I gave God all of me he would take me somewhere I didn't want to go, like Africa-"never" I said, "I just don't get it...why would I want to go there.  I'm just one person...I can't do anything to make a real difference."  You see where I am at now.  I obviously was drawn to heart changed and when it did I wanted to be in Africa more.  But, fear crept in.  I had so many fears that I would literally stay up at night and just cry.  I knew which direction I wanted to head but I was too afraid.  

God comforted me.  
God changed my heart.
God changed my family's heart.

And so now we are wrapped in God's arms walking along the path he has for our family.  And with great joy, excitement and a teeny bit of nervousness we want to announce our family's move in the near future to Uganda, Africa.  We will be moving there to start Sole Hope headquarters in Africa.  Among many things this will enable us to travel to the other African programs we've started more frequently and will give us the opportunity to build stronger relationships with the Sole Hope shoemakers.  We will learn a lot by living in country and being one with the people.  There is so much to do in country so we really need a team on the ground in Africa.  We are selling all our possessions and will build a small and modest house there on some land we are in the process of buying.  We will be in a rural village and we hope to have running water and electricity at some point.  We will live simply, very simply.  In fact, we will be moving with a few Rubbermaid's and the clothes on our back.  Many will call us crazy...and maybe we are.  But we want to live every day as if its our last.  We would rather be loving on those who have not seen love and giving hope to the hopeless over doing anything else.  This is where we are called to go.  And when we are called we will go, for His names sake.  

Our family will have to raise our own support to live over there.  Selling all our possessions will get us over there and hopefully put some money in savings in case of an emergency.  We will rely on the donations of others who want to have a hand at helping us accomplish God's work on the other side of the world.  
"How can people tell the Good News if no one sends them? As Scripture says, "How beautiful are the feet of the messengers who announce the Good News."" -Romans 10:15

If you feel compelled to have a part in this story and want to make a tax-deductible donation please donate to Sole Hope by going to and make sure you write Mission: Collie in the notes section.  

We are living with open hands-


  1. Asher~ I am so excited for you and Dru and the kids. I can't imagine everything that's going on inside you and outside you right now, but I will be praying. Can't wait to watch as God leads and provides every step of the way. And Uganda is a beautiful country. Wow. How amazing~

  2. Ah, stomach is in my throat and I have chills. Congratulations! I pray that I will be able to continue to be a part of Sole Hope here in America and that someday my family will visit yours in Uganda!!!

  3. Asher- I sat at a table with you at the C4C conference and have been following your blog since. It is amazing to watch how God has weaved His plan into your heart. I'm so excited for this next chapter and will be praying for your family! I keep wondering if a similar "chapter" awaits our family... I hope so.

  4. This is Asher-sorry, signed in on one of my many accounts. :) Thank you all for the encouragement! This was a big decision that is going to turn our worlds upside down. I'm glad you are along for the ride...its going to be crazy! :) And yes, Ashley, come visit!!! :) We are going to be "close" to ET.

  5. I couldn't be happier for you. I know you will do great things.