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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Risk: Is It Worth It?

If our single, and-all embracing passion is to make much of Christ in life and death, and if the life that magnifies him most is the life of costly love, then life is risk, and risk is right. To run from it is to waste your life.
John Piper further says that "risk is an action that exposes you to the possibility of loss or injury."

Throughout scripture there are not many prophets, and followers of God that were practical and didn't take risks. They all took risks. Why? For 2 reasons: 1) They wanted to obey God (Jesus says if we love God we will follow his commandments). 2)Because God gets the glory when things don't make any sense but we step out in faith. This is seen throughout the Bible too. Look at Elijah, Jonah, Abraham, all the prophets, and all the disciples. The hardest part of taking a risk for God is the question, "What if He doesn't pull through for me?" Which really means, "What if God doesn't do what I want him to do, or the outcome is not what I expected." 

Good thoughts from a new favorite blog of mine:

We will get a lot of questions in the near future from friends and family alike wondering if what we are doing is worth the risk.  The Bible never says following Christ will be easy...or even always comfortable.  But we know we can always find comfort in the one who created us and gives us life.  I love life, and I love what I live for!  I want to share my hope, joy and love with others.

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