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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bike Ride

Yesterday we went on a bike ride.  It was quite comical!  Thankfully I had my friend Holly with me on her bike I affectionately named, The Dino.  She has had it since 7th grade...and, well, it brought back memories. :)
Shortly after we got all of our bike gear out of the car and loaded the children into the bike trailer we realized we had two problems.  One, her bike had no brakes and two, I couldn't get my bike to shift into a lower gear.  She could go uphill and I could go downhill, but together we could go nowhere.  We were riding downtown and here in Asheville everything is either extremely uphill, or downhill!  You don't realize that until you are on a bike pulling 100 lbs. behind you!  :)
So, after about an hour of riding around and stopping every three feet we decided to just to circles in the parking lot.  It was hard to get up the parking lot, but once I did there was a long driveway that took us downhill fast and made the kids squeal!  
So, I did that about 10 times and today I'm sore.  Tomorrow we are going riding with GG at the Biltmore Estate.  I've requested small hills and flat ground since I have a two other people behind me.  
I wish I didn't have to use a car but could just ride my bike everywhere with my kids.  Maybe I could get a little motor to put on the back to help me out a little.  :)  If I felt like it was a safe choice I would train myself to do it.  Too bad.  For now I'll just enjoy paved trails and the bike lane occasionally.

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