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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Soccer Gal & My Pal

My Quinny has started soccer.  I have waited for this moment for five years.  :)  Now, I can only hope that she loves soccer as much as I do.  I will confess, the first time I saw her in her over sized soccer uniform I got teary eyed!  :)
Quinn took this picture of me last October, 2009 after one of my games where I brought home our rabbit, Elliot...
Now, its my girls turn...
She loves to run, and its fun to watch her get so carried away with running that she sometimes forgets where she is going.  Maybe she will be a track star one day.  :)
While Quinn plays soccer Asa stands on the sideline cheering, "Go sissy!  Good job sissy!"  or, he fills his pockets with rocks and dirt.  Every Saturday he asks if its his turn to play...two more years buddy.
Our soccer games are so early in the morning there is still dew from the previous night on the ground.  I try to look at the bright side, I'm not having to sit in the heat...and we can make a Starbucks run after practice/game and still have the rest of the Saturday to play with!

Quinn has started Flint Stones with our church.  It is really kind of hard to explain what exactly that is.  Our church does not do Sunday school, so every other week they have an intensive time for youngsters to learn God's word (and when I say learn, I mean like memorize whole books of the Bible and so on...)  This past Sunday I asked Quinn what she learned and she said, "I learned that disobeying is sinning, and sinning makes God sad."  Yes!  Beautiful truth she is learning.  While she is in Flint Stones, my pal Asa and I go on dates downtown because also during this time Drew is busy with the youth.  This last week we went to go get custard downtown at the Grove Arcade.  When we were half way done with our ice cream I realized we hadn't had dinner!  That's what a late lunch and a family nap will do I guess.  Asa didn't mind...can ya tell!?

 My beautiful, silly boy!!
And, for those of you that are wondering, our homestudy was ALMOST done, but I am actually going to hold it up a little because I want to go back to the doctor to get a new medical form filled out.  There have been some changes since it was done.  Patience is the name of this game. 

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