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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Its all coming along

WOW there has been a LOT going on in our lives lately.  We have been kicking in the Sole Hope fundraising and that has been exhausting-good, but exhausting!  We have been going through many transformations with Sole Hope...but I am going to try to stick to family on this blog since I have an outlet for Sole Hope. :) Our home study technically SHOULD be done on Monday...but I am prepared for it to not be ready.  It has been 11 weeks since we started the home study process and I've been pretty laid back about the whole process so far.  I am starting to have moments of exciting anxiousness as this whole adoption process gets more "real".  I just cannot wait to lay eyes on our baby-even just a picture.  I love to watch my daughters heart through this adoption...she is so excited to get a little brother or sister from Africa.  She shares our excitement and love for Africans and I think that is so beautiful.  She loves beyond boundaries that hold most people back from loving.  
Here are some highlights from our week:
As we cleaned out our garage for the Sole Hope yard sale and the kids had so much fun playing in the driveway while we cleaned.  Here they were pretending like they were watching fireworks, otherwise known as "boom booms" to Asa.  Like his "happy face"?  :)

GRRR-I wrote about 7 more paragraphs complete with pictures...then the Internet crashed!  So, it is time for me to go to bed...maybe tomorrow I will rewrite all I said.  :(


  1. Hi Asher-
    I came to your blog from Babe of Mine. We are at the very beginning stages of our domestic adoption process.

    So you and I have some things in common- chickens in the backyard, a boy and a girl, adopting transracially...and you live in Asheville. My #1 favorite city in America. Ok, maybe it's tied with Portland and Austin. But I LOVE NW NC and I find every and any reason I can to visit.

    I am bananas about the work you are doing through Sole Hope. That is really amazing!

    So glad to find your blog and to "meet" you!

    take care-

  2. Awesome! Glad you stopped by! I would love to read your blog. I am curious about adopting domestically. Are you doing it through foster care, or an adoption agency?