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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Worldly Room

One thing I have been excited about since I found a bunch (like, 75) old maps of Drew's granddad's, was being able to decorate our son's room in maps.  (Like my cheesy play on words..."worldly room") I LOVE maps, especially vintage ones.  And, although we do not know if we are adopting a girl or a boy-I just have a feeling it will be a boy and that is so exciting to me!  Because we will never have a huge house and we plan on having lots of kids, our children will have to share rooms.  I think there is something so beautiful about this!  So, how perfect will it be to have our new baby in a room decorated with maps, celebrating life here and life in Africa.
Last time my mom was here we went to the fabric store and bought some fabric to make Asa a quilt for his bed.  It is all inspired around a map pillow I got from my favorite store of all time, Anthropology.  Yesterday I scoured the Internet looking for pictures of quilts to give her an idea of what I want, and look what I found!
This is called a water color quilt, and it takes hours upon hours upon hours to make!  This will not be the one she is making for Asa, but maybe one day down the road??  Why do I feel like I hear her saying, "nope.  if you want it you can make that one."  :)  Asa's will be awesome and I cannot wait to see it!
I'm off to go bike ride with my kids.  This will be my first experienced pulling 100 lbs behind me while I ride the mountains of NC.  :)  We'll take pictures and report back!


  1. I am sure you have seen how photographers take mini photographs to create a bigger picture (like this quilt)...that may be fun add to the wall of your Worldly Room too. Just think of all the possibilities of what photos you could include from your journey ...

  2. that is beautiful!
    i'm not sure how i got here....a click here, then there, but just wanted to wish you so many blessings & so much peace on this beautiful journey.
    [and i really love ALL your family's names!]