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Friday, October 15, 2010

Boone, NC

Today we are leaving to spend the weekend with Drew's family in Boone, NC!  If you have not been there-you must go.  I know several people go during the winter for the skiing, but my favorite time to go is in the fall and summer.  Downtown Boone is beautiful!  Well, ALL of Boone is beautiful!  This time of year we celebrate all the fall birthdays.  So, needless to say, I've been packing all day.  Why does it take ALL day to get ready for a weekend trip?!  It used to take maybe an hour-before kids...and only 30 minutes before I was married.  ;)  But, they are SO worth the extra time!  One of my favorite friends and her children are coming to stay at our house this weekend and use it as a little get away while we get away.  I love when plans align just so and you can bless someone with what you have!

On the topic of adoption, (ooo that word just gets me more excited every DAY!) our finalized homestudy came in the mail yesterday.  And hopefully today will be the day we get our papers so we can start our dossier!  (For those of you unfamiliar with the adoption process, that is just a bunch of paperwork...BUNCH...that is sent to the government you will be adopting from)  We have listed that we will adopt one OR two children between the ages of 0-2 years, either gender.  I am starting to realize that I do have predicted outcome in my head of what we will get.  I need to start opening my mind more so I am not totally thrown off if we get more than one child!  Right now I picture us with one little boy under the age of one.  I think maybe because all of our friends that did not specify got one boy under the age of one.  :)  He even has a name!!  (But we are not telling what the name is until we know what child we will call ours.)  ;)

OK, I need to get back to cleaning and packing!  Quinn has started a little business making crayons and "coloring books" to bring home her sibling(s)!  Too cute, I'll inform you more of the details later. She is definitely cut out of the same cloth her mother is!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet husband!!  I've been saying he was 33 all year, now he really is!  

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend!!! :) I love fall!