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Our life loving others, serving God and selling all we own to move to Africa.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Need Africa More than Africa Needs Me

So absolutely 100% true for ME! This is beautiful! How privileged our family will be to have a child from such a joy filled country! It's true-I've been there. WE are the ones missing something. Let us not second guess our responsibility to help our brothers and sisters in Christ, for this is our duty as a Christian! (sorry for the preachy-ness for those of you that are not Christians) But, just simply as a human being who breathes the same air as those experiencing loss, persecution, genocide...we are here to help one another. Be cautious your motives are in sync with humility and serving.
For our family, the call is to adopt. And we are SO excited to fulfill that calling! I know we have a long road up ahead. What could you be doing? I know everyone is not called to adopt. (Although I personally cannot imagine that!! ;) There are several needs right here in America that are waiting to be met! Go help someone who is less fortunate today. You will soon realize that if their JOY is in the Lord, they very well might fill YOU up! :)


  1. Beautiful ... and so true. I could watch this over & over again (and I have). We are in the process of adopting as well. What a wonderful journey we are all on.

  2. Congrats Chelsey! Thanks for reading! (and commenting) :)