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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Warm Fall Days

The kids and I had so much fun yesterday!  We went to Starbucks for Quinn to do her school work.  We both seem to concentrate better when we are not at home.  We sat on the porch outside Starbucks and she worked on school on the computer while I read a book on shoe making.  Asa was very enthralled with Quinn working on the computer, so he inadvertently was learning while she was.  We brought our lunch with us-which happened to be Africa shaped sandwiches.  My kids love these!  
(we eat the scraps too)
After our day at Starbucks and running errands we went down to Splashville downtown.  It was after 5pm but surprisingly it was still warm enough.  As tired as myself and the kids were, I knew it would be one of the last days of the season to enjoy Splashville.  We spent a couple hours there-I just sat and read more of my shoe making book and watched the kids.  What a beautiful night!
 Quinn taking a break from running through the fountains.
On our way to the car she asked me to please stop and take a picture of her.
 Downtown Asheville on a beautiful fall night.

Today we are off to the post office to drop more papers in the mail for our adoption and to mail these awesome artisan shirts.  These shirts are made by a local fabric artist with fabric from Ndola, Zambia.  All of the proceeds go back to helping put shoes on the feet of orphans in Ndola.  This would make an excellent Christmas present for someone!  Each shirt is different-but if course if you see one pictured you like, our shirt maker can make one very similar.

Check 'em out in our store!


  1. Oh, Ash, just found your blog here! How exciting...and beautiful! Love the pics! Love your heart!

    Love you!

    ps. Going to check them out...

  2. How did you do the sandwiches!!! NOW...if you make cookie cutters like this I think you could sell them!

  3. @Hannah, so glad you found me on here! I hope you like your new shirt! :)
    @Andrea, I WISH I made the cookie cutter! Nope, bought it online. As you can see, we use it for everything though-not just cookies!